Year 5 Test Club - preparing children for secondary schools admission tests

Ideal preparation for The Wandsworth Test 

Test Club can help dramatically improve your child's performance by: 

• Practising Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning tests including practice papers under timed conditions 

• Developing test strategies - recognising the type of question and learning how to answer it 

• Increasing pace 

• Boosting confidence 

Fully booked for 2019 

2020 - final place available (current Year 4 children) 



Does your child have an admissions interview approaching?

We offer 1:1 interview preparation sessions with an experienced teacher at a leading independent school - call for details.

What is Test Club?

Test Club is a weekly one hour tutoring session for up to five children. I am an experienced tutor specialising in Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning test preparation - ideal for the Wandsworth Test. My groups are small and so the number of places I can offer each year is limited.

From Spring of Year 5, I begin by teaching the strategies for all the different questions, moving on to identifying which strategy to select for a particular question and applying the strategy. Only when this is secure do we use practice papers to build up pace, accuracy and confidence.

Why use Test Club?

My experience has found that the small group model  is more motivating and less overwhelming than individual tutoring for test preparation.  However, I can offer occasional 1:1 sessions in the lead up to the test date, subject to availability.

Katherine Williams

I have over 15 years' teaching experience in London primary schools.

I am a specialist dyslexia teacher and qualified dyslexia assessor (British Dyslexia Association accredited.)

I am currently working as a literacy specialist in a Wandsworth school, teaching groups and 1:1, and as a reading and phonics consultant and trainer nationwide. I also work with a national charity to train reading volunteers to support children who are struggling with reading. I hold a certificate in Coaching and Mentoring from the Institute of Education.

I have lots of experience of tutoring children for the Wandsworth Test and have helped many children gain places at their preferred secondary school including grammars and selective schools. I pride myself on having a good rapport with my students and their families. In fact, many families return to me when the younger siblings themselves reach Year 5.

As a parent of three teenagers, I have been through the secondary transfer process myself and am happy to offer guidance and reassuranceto parents during what can be a confusing and stressful time.

My Test Club is located in Furzedown, which is convenient for Tooting, Streatham and Balham.