Year 5 Test Club - recommendations 

"I took the Wandsworth test feeling prepared and ready. Katherine was so helpful. As well as teaching me the art of non-verbal /verbal reasoning, she was super friendly and fun to work with. I actually looked forward to having my sessions. What’s more, it all payed off and I’m enjoying my 1st year at Graveney."

Eve, Test Club graduate

"Been meaning to email you to thank you so much - he came back from last week’s test club beaming!   I can't tell you what a difference you have made - confidence is everything for him and you have helped give him that.  Thanks for all your support, Katherine – you’ve been brilliant.  I’m recommending you everywhere!"

Susan, Parent, Brixton

"My daughter attended Katherine`s Test club before the Wandsworth test. She supported her throughout the months, and helped her improve greatly. She was kind and generous. With her help my daughter achieved her goal and a place was offered at our first choice Secondary School. I would recommend her Test Club to everyone.
Thank you very much Katherine!"

Aniko, Parent, Tooting

"I can't praise Katherine enough, she is a super kind and amazing lady. Being a local primary teacher herself, and a mum of teenagers, she was very knowledgeable about the Wandsworth test and 11+ in general. She gave me sound advice on how to help DD with V/NVR if I wanted to go the DIY approach. I felt no pressure whatsoever to join her club but I thought we'd give it a go, and we haven't regretted it since. DD liked Katherine a lot.  She told me she explained things much better than I did! She is such a great and inspiring teacher, has a lot of patience, and gives plenty of encouragement to the kids. DD felt much more confident with her VR and NVR after she had covered all aspects of reasoning with Katherine. She scored a very high mark in the Wandsworth test and got an offer from Graveney.  Being busy full-time working parents, we found Test Club invaluable in providing a practice forum for VR/NVR in a friendly home atmosphere."

Mrs W, Parent, Clapham

"J has improved beyond my expectations.  You have been amazing!  He sings your praises all the time and absolutely loves his classes with you. Thank you so much for all of your help."

Mrs Patterson, Parent, Battersea

"Thanks so much for this week’s test club – he was buzzing afterwards. I’ve not seen him so enthusiastic about non-verbal...he seems to have got a real boost. He had got himself into a thoroughly foul mood doing some test practice at home, however his attitude was transformed after your session."

Charlie, parent of a Year 6 boy

"Under Katherine's guidance my son has grown in confidence.  Homework time used to be really difficult and end up with him and me getting frustrated. However, now he has learnt to persevere using the skills she has taught him rather than just giving up. He has completely changed his attitude towards reading and has grown in confidence which has had a knock on effect with his interest in other school work. Having experienced the benefits of 1:1 tuition, the skills my son and the other children are being taught are priceless.  Katherine has been an absolute saviour for us and I would like to express my gratitude."

Suzi, Parent, Balham

"I would like to praise the way Katherine works with her pupils; in a supportive, sensitive and individual way."

Mrs Elmi, Parent, Balham

“Some of my friends had tutors for their children for the Wandsworth test but I was determined to go the DIY route.  I bought all the practice books from Amazon but soon found that I didn’t really have the time or the patience for it.  Any time that I spent on the books with my daughter ended badly, usually in an argument or in tears and just made me feel like a terrible parent.  Once my daughter started Test Club she flourished with Katherine’s support - even happy to do test practice at home, as long as I didn’t interfere.” 

Helen, Parent, Clapham

"Thank you for all your help and support for the Wandsworth Test.  It has made all the difference for  M and for me too.  I am so glad we found you."

Ms Boyce, Parent, Tooting